Don’t Say The ‘H’ Word

I review and self-publish horror, and I’m thinking about directing a workshop for aspiring horror writers in the near future. Furthermore, I like to read the Horror Writers Association Blog to make sure I don’t miss out on what’s new and hot in the horror community. I’ve developed this weird fascination with the dark side ever since I was a kid, but I still find people who ask the question, “So, what kind of horror you like?”

I always thought I knew the answer to that question.

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My Favorite Transgressive Fiction Books

Recently I posted a blog explaining what Transgressive Fiction was. By doing so, my mind started to go back in time and think about the books I’ve read, the ones that sparked my interest in this genre. For a while, I’ve had my transgressive story idea, something real but at the same time lunatic, raw and a tad adventurous. Nevertheless, my penchant for writing horror kept me away from it. But it was there. It never left. It was like an itch you have because you haven’t taken a proper shower in over a week. Gross.  I’m glad it never went away, though. Now you can find the novel, the first of a series, on good ol’ Amazon. Before you do that, however, why don’t you take a look at these books I’ve read in the past, the ones that started up that itch in me?

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The Transgressive Life

The look on the faces of people when I tell them I’m writing a Transgressive Fiction series is priceless. There was even an asshole that said, “What? You’re writing a transvestite series?”

I said, “Fuck you!” and then gently explained what I meant.

In a way, I expected him to be ignorant. I’m 33 and still don’t know shite about many things. Who am I to judge?

This literary movement, albeit simple, it’s difficult to explain. It’s about anorexic models who think they’re fat. It’s about rich assholes who party too hard. It’s about junkies who think they own the fucking world. It’s about poor miscreants who dare to dream too much. It’s about sex. Rough sex.

And often, it is also about death.

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Ramblings Of A Crazy Mind

I did it. It’s been awhile. As I work the night shift at my job (yes, I actually have a job) I am finally able to publish Ramblings Of A Crazy Mind. The ironic part is that I wrote in three days because I was getting writer’s block on another story I was writing. You could say I wrote this story out of anger and frustration. But it worked. Or so my friends who edited it told me. I don’t want to give you a synopsis here because I’d rather let you read it and tell me what you think.

But there is something else.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can actually skip the price tag and read the story for free.

But if you don’t, you can just send me an email and say, “Hey, I want to read Rumblings Of A Crazy Mind.”

If you do that, I can send you a link so you can read it for free.


Only favor I’d ask you is to write a review once you’re done. I’d really appreciate that.

All right, Gotta go now. I just realize I haven’t mopped the floors.

Keep in touch.

Reading List For 2018

With so much calamity going on in the world, it is refreshing to be a horror fan. We always look for ways to find the disastrous, the destructive and the deadly in every interaction we have. Does that make us bad people? Not really. Sometimes recognizing the bad helps us rejoice in the good. For now, let’s talk about something bad, shall we? Last year, I was pleased to read a number of great horror writers and, after reading On Writing by Stephen King, I also decided to take advantage of the reading list he recommends. Outside of that list, though, and inspired by my constant search for something creepy to read, I stumbled upon some upcoming titles that I will dive in 2018.

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Best Horror Books Of 2017

Best Horror Books Of 2017

Another year has passed, delivering us a terrible bounty of new horror books to terrify us on quiet nights. Taken together, 2017’s best horror books were a little more introspective than last year’s, striking at the heart and bringing us visceral scares, from Scott Thomas’s psychologically affecting house of horrors in Kill Creek, to the raw rage and grief at the center of Paul Cornell’s Chalk, to the deeply humanist horror of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Entropy in Bloom and the deeply feminist body horror of Carmen Maria Machado’s unparalleled short fiction. But beyond just hitting us in the (bad) feels, the year also gave us a new all-star gateway anthology, an eerie pastoral-gothic debut, new novels by returning favorites, and otherworldly delights—both fictional and non-fictional. Continue reading

A Lesson in Horror

Looking for more horrific material, I stumbled upon this blog. Read On.

Brian Evenson’s new novella, The Warren, opens with a declaration of documentation:

I shall begin this written record by reporting the substance of our last conversation—which was not only the last conversation I had with Horak but the last I had with anyone or ever expect to have.

The most unusual word of the sentence, “substance,” is the tenth word out of twenty-six, and it comes right after the second most unusual word in the sentence, “reporting.” The sixteen words that follow “substance,” excluding a character name, are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. Most of them are widely used in primary school. In terms of density, the first ten words account for almost half of the letters in the sentence. The sentence is top-heavy—unbalanced. Continue reading

Ghosts And Crazy People; Stories

Ghosts And Crazy People is Gabriel Lucatero’s first collection of short stories, many of which have been published individually. However, for a reasonable price, you can now read them all in one single book. Dive into these pages and prepare to be frightened.

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Sabrina : A Short Story

This is the story of Sabrina Smith, a rebel with no cause at all. One day she wishes to be gone, and that is exactly what happened. She ends up in a place that looks eerily similar to the place she calls ‘home,’ yet she is so far away, and there seems to be no coming back.

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Kill, Inc.: A Novella

When Gabriel Lucatero is not writing, reading or working behind the counter at the night job, he likes to play video games. Surprisingly, inspiration comes to him even when he is procrastinating. Kill, Inc. came to mind in one of those moments when he was doing nothing. It follows the last three days (or was it four?) in the life of Sebastian Romero, a rich, Mexican asshole with daddy issues who met his end by doing one of the things he loved the most. Dive into the game and make sure you don’t get stabbed.

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